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Have You Already Lost Your Home?

If you have already lost your home, or if your home has been sold at a sheriff’s sale, then you need to read this page very carefully. You may deserve to get your home back or a large refund from your lender!

Here are just a few of the questions you should be asking yourself after foreclosure:

  • Did your home sell for less than what it was worth?
  • Are you worried about a deficiency judgment?
  • Did your lender follow all the laws when foreclosing?
  • Did your lender set you up to fail from the beginning?

Believe it or not, there is still hope, even after the sheriff sale. Many states have a right of redemption, but that’s not what we’re talking about here. We’re talking about suing your lender for a wrongful foreclosure, or for breaking the rules/laws after the foreclosure. There are several circumstances where your lender may owe you a lot of money, but instead, because foreclosure victims are uninformed, they end up with a deficiency judgment.


The legal foreclosure system has safeguards in place to protect foreclosure victims. Unfortunately, lenders sometimes don’t feel they need to follow the laws and rules in place to make sure the home was foreclosed on properly.

When a lender takes a home improperly or when they do not follow the rules after taking the home, they can have very severe consequences to pay. In some cases, the home can be taken back and the lender can be forced to give you a brand new note on the home! In other cases, getting the home back may not be possible, but settlements of over $50,000 have been obtained in the past.

There are several key points to look for after you have lost your home. We will go over them point by point below.

But before going any further, we recommend completing the evaluation on the left of this page to help us determine if we can help.

There are three main circumstances when a foreclosure victim may be entitled to getting their home back, or a settlement from their lender. At the very least, if your lender broke these rules, you should be successful at eliminating any deficiency judgment they try to file against you in the future.

  1. At the auction or sheriff’s sale, your lender has a duty to sell your home for it’s fair market value. Auctioning your home for a discounted rate, then buying the house at auction, and then reselling it at a higher price and then coming after you for the difference is not allowed! In fact, since you are entitled to any remaining money after your loan is paid off, your lender could owe you a settlement if they sold your home too cheap.
  2. The second major issue with lenders is when laws were broken during the foreclosure process or when the loan was originally provided. There are many laws that may have been broken, so if you suspect lender misconduct, it’s best to just complete the form above and answer the questions to let us give you a better idea of your options.
  3. The third issue, and probably the most serious, is outright lying and fraud in the courtroom. It’s estimated that 75% of foreclosure cases in the USA involve lender fraud or misrepresentation. Fraud may seem like a strong term to accuse the judges and attorneys of, but that’s exactly what’s going on. In the majority of the cases in the courts today, the lenders don’t even have the legal right to foreclose on the home. Those who understand the legal foreclosure process could realistically stay in their home for quite some time without making a single payment.

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